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[News] Game Type Gets an Update


[News] Game Type Gets an Update

Can a piece of satire get better?  I guess so.

Game Type was released from Mommy’s Best Games in December as a spoof of the shoddy marketplace handling of Indie Games with Microsoft’s new dashboard.  It took the picture of a girl in a hoodie jumping in mid air that somehow represented the shared category these games were placed and turned it in to an interesting little shmup.

Today that shmup got better.

As a piece of satire, placing updates on a title usually isn’t necessary as the punchline lies in the fact that this game is making fun of this failure in Microsoft marketing and the hoodie girl that represents them.  However, legacy does matter to most indie developers.  You can see this with Game Type as they even went so far as to tweak the graphics to make the game better to look at and play.  This update does quite a few things actually and it’s a long list.

Is there a point to all of this?  Well, with the quick start functionality, it reduces the joke down to focus on what people simply want from the developers, a good game Nathan Fouts has said this is the “first update for the game,” so it has more room to grow in to something more on top of this.  I guess the point is that quality is still foremost on the developer’s mind.  That can only really be a good thing.

You can see everything they modified below:

  • High scores properly share now for scores past loop 3.
  • Weapons system changes: Normal shot now has up/down shots plus forward firing, and is stronger. Kick Beam is now powered by Cash drops. Also, new attack added via the Right Trigger called “Time Pulse” which slows time and lets the Kick Beam turn normal enemy bullets into cash.  Add action buttons are remappable.
  • New ‘How to Play’ screens (2), these are now shown via menu option during gameplay as well.
  • New Score Multiplier system which works by increasing for every cash drop you grab, but drops if you don’t get them fast enough.
  • Warning arrows are shown for enemy groups beginning to approach off screen.
  • Players can “log in and log out” on the shmup sub-menu screen. Find the Game Type menu with box art showing (the menu in which you’re about to play the shoot’em up). Players can press A to join or press Y to log out. If two players are playing, and one needs to quit use this to get the second player to log out.
  • Graphical touch-ups: green theme used on beam attacks and bullets. Background art touched up with more detail and highlights.
  • Gameplay tips are now shown during loop starts.
  • The wave spawning for enemies have been rebalanced for more consistent, interesting attacks.
  • The ‘hint arrow’ in the fake dashboard now starts on by default (to make it easier to find the shmup game).
  • There is a quick-start option now, just press Y to launch shmup game, if you’ve already found it and played it once.
  • Pressing B repeatedly on the fake dashboard will eventually take you back to the exit menu.
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