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[News] Fortune Summoners Delayed (Again), Pricing Finalized


[News] Fortune Summoners Delayed (Again), Pricing Finalized

Yes, once again Fortune Summoners has slipped back from it’s release date. This isn’t so surprising as Andrew Dice wasn’t too direct with the January 24th date, but this is more of an interesting turn of events.  The slip up pushes the game to January 30th, which is the same week of Final Fantasy XII-2’s release.

I’m not sure what this will do to the games sales (if it does anything at all), but as an added perk the game will be discounted 25% it’s first week of sale to $15.  The game will run $20 MSRP after that.  This price puts it right in line with Recettear and looks to be the pricing point Carpe Fulgur is trying to hit with each release.

For those saddened by the release, Andrew wanted to assure that his release was flawless and didn’t need the patches that were on Recettear and Chantelise.  “I would much rather give our customers something as close to perfect as we can make it, rather than something rushed to meet an arbitrary deadline.” That’s a respectable goal that I think the majority of us can understand.

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