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[News] Firebase Studios Donating Profits to Fight Cancer


[News] Firebase Studios Donating Profits to Fight Cancer

Indie developer Firebase Studios is trying to raise funds to fight cancer through the sales of their Xbox Live Indie title Orbitron: Revolution.  Starting today and ending tomorrow, all the net revenue from the game will be donated to help support a team of 5 in the BC Cancer Foundation’s Ride to Conquer Cancer event.  The money raised in turn will go directly to the British Columbia Cancer Agency to help fund their research.

How this works out is that the game itself is listed at $3 (240 MS Points) on Xbox Live. Firebase has estimated they will receive $2 net profit from each sale of the game.  To reach Firebase’s goal of $5,000 raised for their team, they will need to sell a total of 2,500 copies of Orbitron this weekend.

That’s not a tall order, and I think we gamers can band together and help raise a bit for cancer research.  As a bonus, you get to play a pretty interesting little indie shmup in Orbitron.

The cyclists of the event will ride 200 miles up through the Pacific Northwest between Vancouver and Seattle.  The event so far has raised $27.2 million dollars since 2009.  Last year this event raised $11.1 million dollars alone.

With this sort of increase curve it is entirely possible for the event to pass $50 million raised.  If you don’t have an Xbox 360 to purchase Orbitron or if you don’t feel comfortable donating like this, there is always the team page to donate directly.  Just click on any of the riders and click the green “Donate Online Now” button at the top of their page.  The team itself is trying to raise $12,500 and can use any help they can.

Orbitron: Revolution Game Page

Source: Firebase Studios Announcement Page


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