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[News] Code of Princess has online play


[News] Code of Princess has online play

Hey remember Code of Princess? You know, that 3DS game that we never wrote about on this site before? Well anyways it’s a side scrolling beat-em-up in the style of Guardian Heroes but that’s because some of the devs of that game are working on this game.

Anyways catching you up in case you missed anything, the game is for the 3DS and features an eclectic cast of characters such as a scantily clad princess with a huge sword, a zombie of some sorts, a nun with battle armor, and some sort of androgynous character thrown in for good measure.

Well it’s looking pretty good so far but in this day and age you need a little something more to make a strong showing in the market and though sex sells, consumers have decided to clamor around online multiplayer as some new form of titillation.

Well good news then because now Code of Princess has got boobs and online so it’s like some sort of wet dream combo! But in all seriousness though, online multiplayer done well makes a game all the more worth the asking price and especially on a handheld with a fairly unproven track record for such a feature. The genre also practically needs the feature to be even seen as an RPG beat-em-up is always better with some friends. Here’s hoping it gets a US release date along with that other ninja boob game the 3DS seems to quickly be getting a name for.


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