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[News] Call Of Duty Elite Starts Nine Month DLC Season


[News] Call Of Duty Elite Starts Nine Month DLC Season

Many fans of Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 subscribed to the Call Of Duty Elite service. The premium members were promised improved stat tracking, clans, exclusive videos and DLC. Well, the first set of maps is set to release first on Xbox on January 24th. The first two maps being released are Liberation and Piazza. Liberation takes place in Manhattan while Piazza takes place in a town on the coast of Italy. This is just the tip of the iceberg. A steady stream of DLC is set to release over the next nine month “season”. This means that we will see new DLC each month from January to September. Infinity Ward stated that they could go anywhere from more Spec Ops missions to an add on for the single player campaign.

With all this DLC news, I am glad I signed up with Elite. The main reason I purchased my subscription was for the DLC and it seems that fans won’t be disappointed. Will they release all new maps or will they bring back some favorites from past games? Will the spec ops missions be more varied and bring in a breath of fresh air? Only time will tell and I am waiting with anticipation.

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