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[News] Bioware Plans to Improve PvP in the Old Republic


[News] Bioware Plans to Improve PvP in the Old Republic

Bioware recently put up a post on the Old Republic site addressing the Player Vs. Player aspect of the game. There have been over one million PvP matches played since the game launched on December 20th. This has sent a message to Bioware that players are most definitley interested in participating in the PvP component of the Old Republic, and Bioware responded in kind an update about plans for the game’s future.

The Old Republic is a strange case in MMO history. It has a strong focus on storytelling and character development, but is also able to intricately weave in a solid multiplayer experience. I don’t believe Bioware were expecting the PvP aspect of the game to become as huge as it has. Due to it’s popularity, PvP, Operations and Flashpoint Designer Gabe Amatangelo wrote a post discussing future changes to the PvP scene.

One change that they’re making is creating a separate PvP bracket for level 50’s. The way the system currently works puts lower level players up against level 50 players using the “bolster” system. It gave level 15’s a bit of a fighting chance against a level 30 or so in a Warzone, but level 50’s have too many PvP stat advantages and absolutely stomp on people who are much lower level. This change is wanted by many, but personally I’m not terribly excited about it. After all, I got stomped on by 50’s while leveling my character; when I hit 50 I want to return the favor!

Gabe also admitted that there isn’t much in the way of world PvP. He is unhappy with the way players are treating planet Ilum, the community nicknamed “PvP planet,” and wants to rework the system so that players have incentive to spend time on Ilum. By adding daily and weekly quests on Ilum that require player kills and have higher rewards for killing my players in PvP he hopes to adjust Ilum to where it is both fun and gives players incentive to play on Ilum.

They also seem like they want to copy the Warcraft model by adding ranked Warzone matches and PvP Statistics Tracking, but they want to push it further by introducing PvP loot drops from world PvP kills.

I think the PvP portion of the game is pretty solid. It definitely needs some fine tuning and I believe some of the changes they have planned are for the better. It will be exciting to see how everything develops!


Several of Twinfinite's staff likely contributed heavily to this article, so that's why this byline is set. You can find out more about our colorful cast of personnel over in the The Team page on the site.

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