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[News] Amazing Super Mario Bros Crossover 2 Trailer


[News] Amazing Super Mario Bros Crossover 2 Trailer

Yesterday, Jay Pavlina of Exploding Rabbit released a new trailer for Super Mario Bros Crossover 2.0 on Machinima’s YouTube channel, showing off more new features for the amazing flash game that puts classic NES characters in the world of Mario than you can count.  Luckily for you, I will try to count.  The most readily apparent change is the addition of multiple new visual styles, showing off graphics from not only the NES, but now the SNES, Gameboy, and Gameboy Color as well.  Adding to the new skins for the game are new character skins as well, such as Dark Link and Samus, Proto Man, and Trevor Belmont.

The two new characters appearing in this version are Mega Man’s edgier rival, he of the big helmet, Bass!  Alongside him comes a high-jumping and underappreciated plumber dressed in green called Luigi.

Possibly the biggest addition is one that might not be picked up on in the first viewing.  Instead of leveling up in an adapted Mario style, each character now appears to level up the way that they do in their games, original powerups and all.

I am extremely excited for this.  When it came out, I would play Super Mario Bros Crossover for hours at a time, and this trailer gives me hope that the upcoming big update will rekindle that love.

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