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[News] Activision Breaks in to Indie Gaming With Dark Reign Redux


[News] Activision Breaks in to Indie Gaming With Dark Reign Redux

Dark Reign Redux is a port of the 1997 game from Activision and Auran games to the Indie Games marketplace.  It’s a classic style RTS with alien colonization that tasks you with managing troops, resources and method’s of attack.  Standard fair really, but there is just one little thing about that image above that bugs me.

Is it just weird to look at that image and see an “INDIE GAMES” banner with an “Activision” logo right below it?  I can’t be the only one weirded out by this right?  Now to be fair, the small indie studio Magnetar Games had to go to Activision to license the IP for this remake.  They had to petition the lawyers for the license and art assets to reproduce the game.

I get that.

Unfortunately, all they have really done is enhance the resolution of the original sprites Auran created under Activision and added controls for the Xbox. The key that the developer of this title will be looking for is the new markets they can expand this title to.  That’s certainly what Activision was looking at when they handed out the license.  Currently, the developer has plans to release the game on mobile and PC as well as their current console release according to their website.

While you surf around there, try out the browser demo or download the Indie Games version of it on your Xbox.

What’s interesting to note is that this is one of the first indie titles an Xbox twitter feed has actually promoted.  Maybe that speaks for the quality of the title, but it’s still interesting to see an Activision game as the first Indie to receive this honor.  Even if it isn’t really indie.

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