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[iOS Free Week] Baseball + Pokemon + Ninjas = Yes! Edition


[iOS Free Week] Baseball + Pokemon + Ninjas = Yes! Edition

I’m a big fan of being cheap. So of course, I frequent the free section of my iPhone’s App Store. Every week (or two, depending on the selection) I’ll play through them and weed out the horrible to present you guys the top three best ones in iOS Free Week. Note that sometimes the games won’t be free for long, so act fast! Find out this week’s picks after the jump.

[Baseball Superstars 2012]

Let me begin by saying this is the best iOS game I’ve played since Game Dev Story, and it was free. Developed by Gamevil, the best way to describe it is: It’s like Game Dev Story, a baseball simulator, and a dating sim merged together during a threesome and became a new entity. I haven’t played everything that’s in it, as it’s pretty long for an iOS game. But what I first chose to start with was the “My Batter” game. You basically begin as a rookie batter, work up your skills, and play in the major leagues. There are also hints of a dating sim scattered about. You’ll meet three girls and get to know them.

They’re some pretty charming characters, at that. I actually haven’t gotten far enough to know whether there’s any real depth to it since the game actually lasts ten years. So basically you’ll play through ten seasons and attempt to get your team to the top. Training your stats, working a part time job, volunteering at a hospital, and shopping around are all things you can do in your down time to help you on this endeavor. When you do too much, your energy meter goes down. Now, I know what you’re thinking, “You have to wait to play?!” No, this isn’t one of those games. Your energy goes up by resting and you get the ability to rest from playing a baseball match.

The actual games are a lot of fun. You have the choice of batting “classic” or “smart”. Smart requires you to move the iPhone to make your crosshair go over where you want to hit the incoming ball. Now, this is hard as fuck. So I just stick to classic, which is basically Ken Griffey Jr.’s Baseballfor the Super Nintendo; you push the button when you want to hit the ball. The animations for this game are the best I’ve seen in awhile. It’s an “awwww” moment every time your batters slide to reach a base. Also, it’s hard as hell as a game. Some teams have “special” pitchers. These are fucking ringers, basically. One guy uses a rifle to pitch the ball. I don’t even want to get started on the crazy green alien dude that teleports the ball to you. Oh and there’s also a “My Pitcher” portion.

I’ve yet to play it as I said before, but I’m pretty sure it’s the same thing from the pitcher’s perspective. Get this game.

[Ninja Fishing]

This game caught my eye so easily because having the most exciting profession ever doing one of the dullest activities has got to be fun in some way. And oh, it is. The way Ninja Fishing works is you cast your line, let it sink as far down as possible without catching a fish, and then when you catch one, attempt to catch as many as you can before reaching the surface. The fish you caught are then launched into the air and you have to slice them ala Fruit Ninja. Dynamite is also thrown in at times and you need to avoid slicing those unless you want your catch to explode. The addiction takes hold then. You’ll want to get your line farther down and get more and more coins for each different sea creature you find. There are upgrades to practically everything (my favorite are the boat upgrades. Rubber ducky boat? God yes.) so you’ll always have plenty to shoot for. The best part of this one is that you can pick it up and start playing really quickly. It’s perfect for those moments of utter boredom somewhere you don’t want to be. It’s simple, it’s fun, and it’s worth it.

[Monster Galaxy]

With Baseball Superstars 2012 I mentioned how you don’t have to wait to keep playing. This sadly isn’t the case with Monster Galaxy, so if that really bothers you, you might want to skip this one. Regardless of how much I hate that mechanic though, I love this game. It’s basically Pokemon. Like, seriously, it’s Pokemon. There are even pokeballs. They’re called “seeds” or some shit. Whatever, point is, out of the three starter “Mogas,” one is a corgi called “Corgito” and that is the best thing ever. You don’t actually travel around like in Pokemon though. The game works as stages and each stage has a different “Moga” for you to fight/capture with your own Mogas. A story accompanies it where you play an aspiring “Mogamaster” on a quest to catch the legendary Poke-Moga. I mean Moga. The combat is slightly different in that when you choose to attack, there’s an arrow going up a meter that affects how powerful that attack is. It’s fun, despite having to wait to play when you’ve binged on it for too long. If you love catching monsters, leveling them up, and fighting other monsters, you should definitely download this.


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