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[Featurama] Winter 2012 Anime


[Featurama] Winter 2012 Anime

So Winter 2012 is a time for new anime. Want to know what we’ll be watching around the office? Well hit the jump to read what our staff has their eyes on.

[Good Morning]

 Zero no Tsukaima F

Zero no Tsukaima is not a good anime series. It’s like borderline decent. You have this harem comedy built around a Harry Potter world, yet the obvious choice was made in the first season and every season that follows has gotten slightly worse. We’ve really just been padding the story out and hoping the fanservice can keep it going. With all of that said, the series has an actual world that’s chaotic and interesting enough to have journeyed with and it has some loose ends that I still want to see wrapped up. With the mangaka serving as the screen writer, it’ll hopefully have the story to back it up in this final outing. I need my closure and this last season should bring it to me.

[Literally the most SFW image I could find]

 High School DXD

Demon King Daimao was one of the most pleasant surprises I’ve had with anime in the past few years. It was a good harem comedy despite it’s stereotypes and generic art style. The same screen writer is lending their talents and I’m hoping for another shockingly decent comedy. It’s going to be complete fanservice judging by the trailers and source material, but that doesn’t concern me. High School DXD has the potential to turn in to something better than the typical ero show.

[Huh…I didn’t even notice the girl when I picked this pic.]

Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou

Danshi seems to offer something a bit different than the standard high school anime. This story centers around a trio of guys that act like idiots. Gags, hijinks, and whatever else Sunrise can think up will be the name of the game. With the studios penchant for just winging it during crunch time, this seems like a decent enough scenario for them to do that in. The art seems interesting and it should be a breath of fresh air from the Mecha world we usually see from Sunrise.

[….What’s a Randsell?]

Recorder to Randoseru

What an interesting idea, a small older sister is tasked with taking care of her more adult looking younger brother. It’s not brilliant, but there is a lot of room here to create something unique. As an adaptation of a gag manga, that means the focus will be on the punch line and with something so obvious, it should be fun.

[Witty Observation]

Ano Natsu de Matteru

Ano Natsu de Matteru is from the same producer and screenwriter as the Onegai series. Onegai Twins was one of the earlier franchises that got me in to the genre and I’m overly optimistic at seeing what can take place with their newest show. This seems to follow the same quirky layouts that filled their last series and I am experiencing a wave of nostalgia over each trailer I see. JC Staff is doing the animation so it carries the same facial structure as Toradora. I really am excited to see what comes of this and it’s my most anticipated show of the season.



I tend to gravitate towards mysteries, and an underlying dose of horror never hurts. The show’s premise- a girl may have come back from the dead, and a poor, unfortunate guy becomes wrapped up in the mystery- isn’t the most groundbreaking thing in the world, but it’s fascinating enough to get my attention.

[The word is “Super badass”]

Black Rock Shooter

I absolutely loved the Black Rock Shooter OVA and felt that there was much more to be done and a grander story to be told with its weird slice-of-life/blistering action hybrid. It also helps that I dig the song. Obviously the production values on a whole series won’t be quite as high as the OVA, but I suspect the show will still be quite a ride.

High School DxD

Unabashedly obscene and filled to the top with titillation, I expected to find the High School DxD manga revolting when I gave it a try- and found, instead, a very funny, very aware story of a young pervert trying to become a super powerful demon for all the wrong reasons. Come for the fan service, stay for the great dialog.

[Never bring a hairdryer to a gunfight.]

Kill Me Baby

Shows like Lucky Star, Azumanga Daioh, and K-On demonstrated that yonkoma strips could be brought to the animated format and still retain their magic, if not ascend beyond what it achieved before. The concept of a young girl befriending an assassin her own age is appealing to me, if only because Nikita was a pretty cool movie and K-On was pretty great and I’m pulling for this thing to basically be those two put together.

[Brave x10]

Brave 10

It has samurai and slick designs and a cool name and a great cast and this season’s pretty short on releases. I’m in.


Amagami SS

Amagami was a surprise for me when I saw it a couple seasons ago and I take it I wasn’t the only one. Entertaining, funny, and charming and a lot of heart, I especially dug the individual heroine approach to the story. An extension to each heroine’s stories, you can expect more romantic hijinks and pretty much everything from the first season so it’s all good.

[There’s probably a fetish hidden in this page somewhere.]

 Papa no Iukoto o Kikinasai!

I like fish out of water stories. I like stories about families. This combines the two in that College student gains custody of his missing sister’s three daughters. A struggling college student lives in a small apartment with three girls. What do I expect? Probably fan service and misunderstandings and the whole “not really related by blood” thing. This series has quite an interesting life in printed form with five different serializations running ranging from shounen, seinen, to shoujo in style so here’s hoping the creativity to play with the story shows in the anime. More than that though, I’m hoping for a little struggle and strife. They already introduced some death so maybe I can get some depth…That was bad I’m sorry.

[Kappa doll]


I actually don’t know anything about this one but the first episode was stopped from airing due to “obscenity”? Consider myself interested. To be honest it kinda sounds like B Gata H Kei and I didn’t quite like that one but we’ll see.

Recorder and Randsell

A story based on a yonkoma manga, about an 11-year-old that looks 17 is taken care of by his 17-year-old sister, who looks 11. 

I’m sorry but did you read that description? How is that not crazy enough to be amazing?

[Gaze into your soul.]


Bakemonogatari is one of my favorite series of all time as it is for many of you I’m sure. Amazingly self aware and beautiful in nearly every way Nisemonogatari looks to continue that as its sequel. Love it or hate it, this ambitious title has a high pedigree, a defiantly seinen attitude, and a striking confidence in what it the series means to accomplish. That means fast text, sharp tongue, and fanservice, fanservice, fanservice. High expectations I’m sure but it’s been a while since we followed the colorful life of Araragi Koyomi and I’m excited to return.

[He’s cute but he’s definitely no Hypno-Toad]

Special Mention: Poyopoyo Kansatsu Nikki

I love the slice of life genre, I love cats. This one is spherical. I don’t see how I can lose.

Because of the name: Bodacious Space Pirates

I think I’ll watch one episode to figure out what exactly a bodacious space pirate does. 

So there you have it. Be sure to sound off int he comments about which series you’ll be watching this season!


Several of Twinfinite's staff likely contributed heavily to this article, so that's why this byline is set. You can find out more about our colorful cast of personnel over in the The Team page on the site.

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