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[Featurama] Dark Souls Platinum Trophy Checklist/Guide


[Featurama] Dark Souls Platinum Trophy Checklist/Guide

Hey everyone. It’s no surprise to anyone who frequents our site that Brett (loserbam) and I are Dark Souls fanatics. When I originally looked at the requirements for the DS platinum trophy, one thought immediately came to mind:

“Fuck. That.”

But, as often happens with the next challenge in the game, I eventually came around and decided to go for it, and consequently created an easy-to-follow checklist for the more confusing trophy requirements.

My remaining trophies are as follows:

1) Fire weapon maxed
2) Crystal weapon maxed
3) Normal weapon maxed
4) All miracles
5) All pyromancies
6) All rare weapons
7) Good ending

Many of these are just formalities at this point, I just need to run some in-game errands and I should have many of them. But you guys probably don’t care about that.

Most of the trophies are self-explanatory, and the requirements for the more ambiguous ones (all rare weapons) are listed at various locations online. However, it’s not always easy to keep track of your personal progress towards each of these achievements. I began creating a comprehensive spreadsheet of the requirements I still needed to meet to earn these trophies, to ensure that I wouldn’t miss any.

However, partway through, I just decided to compile every requirement for the complicated achievements, so others could make use of the spreadsheet (I believe that it’s complete):

1) All pyromancies
2) All miracles
3) All sorceries
4) All rare weapons

For each requirement, I write the location in which the item or spell can be found, and a brief summary of the method of obtaining it. I also write a checkbox where a person can mark that requirement as being completed.”

The requirements are sorted by the location in which they are achieved, so it should be simple to complete them in order. Welp, this much of a description is probably totally unnecessary, so here’s the link, I hope some of you find it helpful:

Google Doc Link
Published Google Doc Link

Happy gaming,
-Keith (Kafe)


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