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[Review] Sonic Generations


[Review] Sonic Generations

It’s been a rough couple of years as a Sonic fan. The past couple of games have been rather disappointing. Sonic Generations is Sonic Teams latest attempt at breaking the infamous Sonic Cycle and I think it’s safe to say “Damn, it feels good to be a Sonic fan.”


Sonic Generations is a blend of the past 20 years of Sonic in one game. Each of the stages are split into two acts with the first acts being played as classic Sonic and the second acts as the modern day sonic. Each Sonic has his own unique playstyle and level design. As Classic Sonic you’ll be running through levels from a 2d perspective and making use of his trusty spin-dash while Modern Sonic has a homing attack and takes a 3d approach to each level. The controls are solid, and once you get the hang of them hardly anything will keep the blue blur from going. The difficulty isn’t too high, as with a lot of Sonic games, and with a total of 4 bosses, it was a bit of a letdown. However once you clear a boss stage, you have the option of replaying it on a harder difficulty.

[Playability Breakdown]
[+ Good control, easy to get the hang of] [+2d and 3d acts are both varied and fun] [*Optional hard mode on bosses] [-Easy Boss fights] [-Only 4 boss fights in the entire game]

First things first, the visuals in Sonic Generations are amazing. each level is diverse and well done, whenever you’re not running forward at blazing speeds you’ll notice how each level was designed with some tlc and the attention to detail really shines because of that. However there are a few moments where the framerate can drop but these rarely happen and usually don’t last very long.There are multiple branching paths in every stage, so you can miss a jump and end up in a totally new part of the stage you wouldn’t have found otherwise. This rewards multiple playthroughs of each stage since every stage is crammed with secret paths and hidden red rings to be found.  The soundtrack to Sonic Generations is made of remixes from the older games and some new, original music. The remixes were done incredibly well while the newer music is a bit lacking, but don’t worry, there’s an option before each level to change the song of the stage so you can totally make City Escape the song for every level.The voice acting has been improved too, now Sonic and his friends sound less like nails on a chalkboard! In terms of story, Sonic Generations is nothing special, there’s an overarching plot that helps get you from level to level but for the most part it takes a back seat to the gameplay, which isn’t a bad thing. No werewolves, no black knights, just running at ridiculous speeds!

Rollin’ around at the speed of sound~

[Production Breakdown]
[+Diverse levels] [+Better voice acting] [* Hit or miss soundtrack] [-Framerate issues every now and then]

Sonic Generations is a relatively short game, a single playthrough can take you anywhere from 4-6 hours. There are however a lot of unlockables and secrets crammed into into each level. There are also a lot of challenges to test your skill. You’ll be doing everything from teaming up with your friends to get past obstacles to racing your own doppelganger. Most of these challenges are fun and well thought out but there are some that are just outright bad. (I’m lookin’ at you Vector) There are also leaderboards that keep track of the fastest times you’ve beaten a stage, so there’s a lot of things to do once you’ve beaten the main game.

[Value Breakdown]
[+Lots of secrets and unlockables] [+Tons of challenges to beat] [* Online leaderboards][-Short main story]

[Reviewer Impression]
Despite its few shortcomings, Sonic Generations is the closest that Sonic Team has gotten to breaking that awful Sonic Cycle. While on the short side it’s still tons of fun and all the challenges and secrets for you to explore/find really make this a worthwhile game. with a price-tag of only 50 bucks, if you’ve been looking for a Sonic game but don’t know whether you should shell out the money for this one, I recommend you do. It’s a solid game and one of the best Sonic games I’ve played in a very long time. Like I said at the beginning of this review, “Damn, it feels good to be a Sonic fan.”

[Final Breakdown]
[+ Good control, easy to get the hang of] [+2d and 3d acts are both varied and fun]  [+Diverse levels] [+Better voice acting] [+Lots of secrets and unlockables] [+Tons of challenges to beat] [*Optional hard mode on bosses] [* Hit or miss soundtrack]  [* Online leaderboards] [-Framerate issues every now and then] [-Easy Boss fights] [-Only 4 boss fights in the entire game] [-Short main story]

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