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[News] Humble Voxatron Debut… Debuts (Update)


[News] Humble Voxatron Debut… Debuts (Update)

The “pay what you want to who you want” Humble Bundle is back again. This time it features Voxatron, a game that’ll cost $15 when released from its Alpha phase. It’s an old school platformer that “meets new school”. Looks a bit like 3D Dot Game Heroes. Purchasing this gets you the game and all future updates. Works the same as the other bundles, pay what you want (I recommend a minimum of a dollar. They always add on to the bundles later on and give the add-ons to whoever paid at least $1.) to who you want and get a great indie game while supporting some awesome devs/donating to charity. It’s a win-win all around.

[UPDATE] Pay more than the average of $3.82 and you get The Binding of Isaac and Blocks That Matter. Both amazing games.


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