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[Featurama] Welcome Back to Los Santos: What we know about Grand Theft Auto V


[Featurama] Welcome Back to Los Santos: What we know about Grand Theft Auto V

The much anticipated Grand Theft Auto V teaser was released, and as short as it was, it was quite telling. We went from knowing nothing, to knowing the face of our protagonist, location, as well as some new additions. So lets dig in, shall we?


It was speculated to be set in many different areas. Would we be in LA? Vegas? Nobody knew for sure. It’s been confirmed by much evidence that GTA V will be placed back in the home of CJ and the gang, Los Santos of “GTA: San Andreas,” which is the fictional Los Angelas.


This is not as clear and concise as the location is, but there are a few candidates for our new protagonist. One character seemed to show up multiple times. When I first heard the narration, I asked, “Tommy Vercetti? Is that you?” And when I noticed one character, who kept showing up more and more, the more I was convinced that it was indeed him.
Is that you, Tommy?

He is not the only candidate though. The trailer makes a point to show a few characters in action, pitted against the law enforcement. Is it possible that there will be more that one protagonist? We can’t leave that out the window, but it still seems that Tommy Vercetti is the more likely candidate.

Moments later, he is shown being fish-tailed by 2-3 other cop cars.
The last possible candidate has a striking resemblance to CJ of GTA San Andreas which begs the question; Is it possible that the GTA world is one cohesive world, and that all of these locations will intertwine? Maybe we’ll be playing as more than one protagonist?

He’s got the entire squad behind him.
New Features (Mostly Speculation)

From viewing the trailer, it is hard to say what could be added from previous iterations of the series. With GTA IV, they removed many of the series’ features, particularly jets, car customization, and in-depth character customization, all fan favorites. From the looks of it, these will be back in GTA V. Throughout the trailer, we are shown three different planes that it appears we are able to control.
One of the few that was shown. Appears to be a fighter jet.

Whether or not car customization will be back is a good question, but it looks as if cars will at least have new features to them. Here, you can see the car’s convertible top being put up.

She digs the convertible.
Also, if you see on the side of the street there is a sign that reads “Piercing,” which may indicate that there is a more in depth way of customizing your character in this as opposed to GTA IV, where you really couldn’t do much. Maybe they’re leaning more towards the Saints Row approach, and letting you be who you want, while still maintaining that protagonist role.
One of the main drags in GTA IV was that it seemed to kick the immaturity to the curb. There were moments during cut scenes that were good, and some easter eggs had their moments, but it lacked the childish sense of humor that was prevalent in all of its predecessors. It’s unclear whether or not that immaturity will return in GTA V, but there are a few moments in the trailer that are easy to miss, which are pretty comical.
“NEED Money For BEER, Pot and Hookers. At Least Im Not Bullshitting U!”

If Rockstar knows anything else beside putting out great games, it’s getting people excited for their great games. In the coming months, we’ll learn more about what Los Santos will have to offer, and whether or not we’ll be visiting old friends, or making new ones.
Watch the full trailer below.


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