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[Featurama] Fuzunga’s Pumpkin Collection


[Featurama] Fuzunga’s Pumpkin Collection

Every Halloween I used to get one of those pumpkin carving kits and make myself a cool pumpkin. About three years ago I realized how stupid that was because I could literally carve whatever I wanted and began making my own game-related designs. No, I have no idea why it took me 18 years to realize that. Anyway, I’m no pumpin master. I can’t carve something like this, for example, but I do my best. So without further ado, here’s a tour of my gaming pumpkins!


This year’s pumpkin is the one you see up there before the break. I call it “Commander Video Meets His Fate”. I was originally going to go with a Runner pumpkin instead, but I decided on Fate because it’s both under-appreciated and more Halloween appropriate (no rainbows and all that). With this pumpkin, I tried to capture the essence of the game in one simple image. Commander Video literally rides the line to meet fate. I just happened to pick the healthiest pumpkin on earth this year. Damn thing had so many fibers and so much gunk! But it certainly was a nice one to carve into. Great surface on this one. I had enough room to write out FATE to the right of Commander Video.

Last year was kind of a failure. I tried to carve Emile’s helmet skull from Halo Reach, and so I decided I would do it by scraping off the pumpkin’s skin instead of cutting into it. I’ve never done this before so it was taking me a long time. I decided to stop for the night and come back the next day, but that… didn’t work out. It was mush by the time I came back to it. I did snag some before and after pictures, but I never got to see what it looked like lit up.



This was an odd year. I was living in a dorm at the time and I thought a real pumpkin would make too much of a mess, so I bought a funkin instead. Big mistake. I soon had sawdust everywhere. Plus, it’s just not any fun to carve. It’s more like carving into failure itself than an actual pumpkin. Needless to say I’ll never be using one of those again. Anyway, I went with a Portal-inspired design, carving the ‘ol “cake is a lie”. Except the text was impossible to make out in the dark. If you looked at it from just the right angle, though, it looked great. Unfortunately, it didn’t show up at all in photos. At least the cake looked pretty good.

The line is a lie.

But there was hope in the form of a pumpkin carving contest! I whipped up my own stencil of the Hylian Crest and went to work. It came out pretty well considering I was under time constraints. It wasn’t perfectly symmetrical but people seemed impressed. I didn’t win, of course. I didn’t even place in the top three. But I did enjoy cutting into a real pumpkin again!

My first and personal favorite: the crimson omen from Gears of War. This one had an actual candle in it, too, which gave the eyes an awesome glowing affect.
My proudest pumpkin moment.
So that’s my collection. You guys have any cool pumpkins you’d like to share?
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