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[Featurama] Bioshock Little Sister Costume & Adam Syringe


[Featurama] Bioshock Little Sister Costume & Adam Syringe

For Halloween this year I decided to dress up as a Little Sister from the video game Bioshock. Not only did I want to dress with the Big Daddy Doll but I also wanted to buy an Adam Syringe. An Adam Syringe is what the Little Sister uses to extract blood (ADAM) from a dead corpse.

It didn’t take me long to realize that you can’t buy an Adam Syringe anywhere. So I decided I would make one for myself. When I realized how costly and hard this project was going to be I knew it would be a lot of fun and I was definitely up for the challenge. In order to make your own syringe you will need the following:

  • An Antique Gas Pump (Ebay)
  • Small PVC Cap (Hardware Store) You will use this to connect the bottle to the gas pump.
  • Large Pipe Cap (Hardware Store) You will use this to cover the end of the gas pump.
  • Wooden Dowel (Hardware Store) You will use this as your needle.
  • Epoxy (Hardware Store) You will use this to glue certain parts together.
  • Glass Jar (Any Store)
  • Red Juice or Red Dyed Water
  • Acrylic Paint & Spray Paint
  • Baby Bottle Nipple
After I put this together, I was quite proud of myself. It took me a few days to paint and glue everything together, but it was worth it. Besides the syringe, I also bought a dress, make-up and colored contacts. Instead of making my own dress I bought an Alice in Wonderland costume and just cut it up and put blood and dirt on it. Overall, this project cost a lot more than I expected but I was happy with the way everything turned out to be.
Even though Halloween is over this year, there are always plenty of conventions to go to. And I hope I gave you ladies some ideas for your Halloween costume next year.


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