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[WTF Were They Thinking?] The Casio Loopy (My Seal Computer SV-100) Gaming Console


[WTF Were They Thinking?] The Casio Loopy (My Seal Computer SV-100) Gaming Console

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[“Wtf Were They Thinking?” gives an overview and analysis of terrible ideas that have occurred in the gaming industry]

There are some ideas that are simply destined to fail from the onset. The Casio Loopy is a perfect example of such a concept. This particular 32-bit console was released solely in Japan during the nineties, and was marketed as a gaming system for females.

To quote one seller on Ebay:

Have you ever got tired of playing the never-ending, violent fighting games on your game console? Are you a female? If so the Casio My Seal Loopy is your kind of system. Released only in Japan, it is truly unique. Marketed towards the female gender, it’s definitely caters to a different genre of games and approach to video gaming. The graphic design on the box was inescapably feminine. The box it is packaged in is pink and has anime type characters of females as well as more hearts than you can shake a stick at.

Notable games include Bow-wow Puppy Love Story, I Want a Room in Loopy Town!, Chakra-kun’s Charm Paradise, and many more.

It doesn’t take much insight to see why the system ultimately flopped. Casio Loopy debuted around the same time as the N64 and PS1, in addition to having to compete in a large market of lesser known consoles. Its other features, such as the sticker printer weren’t particularly attractive or revolutionary. The core audience that the console sought to attract (girl gamers), were either turned off by the system, or found it unappealing.

Nonetheless, I’d love to own the system now because of its rarity and ridiculous games. Too bad it’s quite pricey, when even available.

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