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[Retrospection] 11 Years Old and Still Kickin’


[Retrospection] 11 Years Old and Still Kickin’

11 years ago on October 26th 2000, the Playstation 2 was first released in the U.S. Since then the Ps2 has become the best selling console of all time, selling over 150 million units worldwide since its launch. Even after 11 years the console is still kickin’ with new games being released on it. The Ps2 arguably had one of the best libraries of any console ever made and one of the biggest libraries to date. A whopping 10,828 different titles are available for the system and over 1.5 billion titles sold since launch. Sony doesn’t plan on stopping production either, saying that “The life cycle of the PlayStation 2 will continue until demand ceases.” So I just wanted to take some time out and wish the Ps2 a happy birthday! Thanks for all the great memories!


Several of Twinfinite's staff likely contributed heavily to this article, so that's why this byline is set. You can find out more about our colorful cast of personnel over in the The Team page on the site.

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