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[News] Read the First Skyward Sword Review Right Now!


[News] Read the First Skyward Sword Review Right Now!

Well, ok, maybe not the first. The Official (UK) Nintendo Magazine was technically first (and gave the game a stellar 98%), but they have yet to post the review online for all to see. EDGE, however, has done just that. Their December issue hit stores (and iThings) today and they were nice enough to publish their Skyward Sword review online for us overseas. It’s a great read. For those of you who like to skip to the end:

Unsurprisingly for a game with a key mechanic that involves flinging Link into tumbling freefall, a glint of matinee idol derring-do is never far from its eye. Its 35 hours – that’s ignoring a wealth of trinkets – fly by in a heroic blur of pirates, dragons and zombie-filled crypts. A reliance on riddles and cranking up ancient machines finds its treasure-hunting roots not in Wind Waker, but Indiana Jones. As cracked tablets lead to forgotten sanctums and mystic hymns stir memories in Link’s otherworldly aide, the hairs on the back of the neck bristle to salute a quest unique in its unabashed lack of irony. This is a game made for Christmas Day, released an agonising six weeks before…How apt that this ultimate tale of heromaking should see Nintendo’s hardware become the console it was always meant to be.

Perhaps now the naysayers will start to calm down.

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