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[News] Luigi and Stone Tanooki are back in Super Mario 3D Land


[News] Luigi and Stone Tanooki are back in Super Mario 3D Land

Nintendo of Japan recently posted a few new videos for Super Mario 3D Land in a recent interview, confirming Luigi as a playable character as well as the presence of the Tanooki statue form that everyone was complaining wasn’t in the game.

Details about Luigi aren’t currently clear. Will he be unlockable? Will you be given the choice of playing as him in some stages like in SMG2? We don’t currently know. What we do know is that somebody needs to get Luigi a pair of shoes with more traction. Seriously, the guy slides around like he’s got butter strapped to his feet! Hit the break for some Tanooki goodness.

Yes, it appears that Tanooki Mario will have to grab some sort of additional scarf item in order to make use of his stone powers. Still, it’s good to see, right? Of course, fans will still find reason to complain. To our knowledge, Mario still can’t fly with the suit. This is, obviously, just as terrible as Sonic’s eyes being green. Such a travesty!

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