Check Out the Unlockable Uncharted 4 Character Gallery

Uncharted 4

[showhide] Uncharted 4 has a wonderful cast of characters that will no doubt resonate with players for the rest of gaming’s history. Not only is each one’s backstory so fleshed out, but the voice acting and motion capturing collides for a whole new level of dynamic storytelling. Each character comes alive on screen and never before have you felt for some protagonists (and antagonists) like this. Naturally, it’s good to commend Naughty Dog for this intense level of detail.

Within the game, you’re able to unlock bonuses using points you can garner from playing. One such bonus is the character gallery complete with every character and their costumes. Be warned that there are spoilers ahead with context clues on where the story goes, though we won’t name them by their specific names in the gallery. You won’t want to flip too far through these if you haven’t beaten the game or plan to! [/showhide]

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