Top 25 Best Minecraft 1.11 Mansion Seeds

The new minecraft 1.11 Woodland mansion seeds are as rare as they are luxurious, featuring carpeted hallways, libraries, dining rooms, and more. They’re found in roofed forests, often found using a “Woodland exploration map.” If you’re not up for buying one of these from map-making villagers, you can go ahead and use this seed.

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Seed 1: -1253292870183042340

Mansion Coords: -696, 70, 392
Seed: – 4589128118707775879
Coordinates: 200, 73, 533

If you’re looking for a nice, standard minecraft 1.11 woodland mansion seed, look no further. This is equipped with all your mansion needs, including a library, dining hall, small gardening room, and a little pumpkin farm. Great for the fall season, but there are other cool mansions to find.

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Seed 2: -528168294321987409

Coords: 248, 70, -680




Seed: -1253292870183042340
Coordinates: -696, 70, 392

This minecraft 1.11 woodland mansion seed is massive, like most, but also comes with a three-story appendix. Notable rooms include an adorable loft and a strange, unfinished room with stone seating, and walls filled with dirt. There’s also a village nearby, where the peasants live in the shadows of your new mansion.

Congrats to Noxmomma for finding this one.

Seed: -528168294321987409
Coordinates: 248, 70, -680

Noxmomma also found another fantastic minecraft 1.11 woodland mansion seed. If you’d like a little more water in your life, this seaside mansion extends over the water, overlooking a sizeable swamp sitting right next door. Be on the lookout for the giant chicken, as well as the creepy chamber equipped with a stone stage, stone seats, and a stone podium. Around the halls you’ll find a lovely storage room and flower room, but deep below the mansion lies a skeleton dungeon.

Seed: 2708143789541548520
Mansion Coordinates: 10627, 88, -18579
Secret Room Coordinates: 10666, 90, -18580

Sometimes 1.11 woodland mansions will conceal secret rooms, with no doors leading to their location. This seed, discovered by stunn22, holds a secret room of diamond and obsidian.


This seed spawns you near a massive stone mound, with a village and mansion right nearby. If you’re looking to carve out a fortress friend for your mansion, this will do the trick.

Seed: 455183159361683197

Coordinates: At spawn

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This seed is one of the best seeds we’ve checked out. The surrounding area is lush, the local blacksmith is a boon, and the ravine goes down to level 11. We’ve also heard that heading to the Nether from the mansion places you right near a Nether fortress.

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Mansion has the empty chest room

There are 3 Spawners directly under the Mansion

World has good amount of NPC Villages within 2000 blocks of spawn

If you love monster farming, this mansion has three spawners directly under it. There’s also a number of villages in the surrounding area, in case you start to miss the joys of non-creature company.


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this Modern Desert Mansion


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This one discovered by Gameskinny

Extra credit

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