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Ranking Fallout 4’s Companions From Worst to Best

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Ranking Fallout 4’s Companions From Worst to Best

Who will reign supreme?

Best Fallout 4 Companions, Ranked

Companions have always been a staple in the Fallout franchise, as traversing the Wasteland alone is a terrifying enough prospect. In Fallout 4 there are around 14 companions, not counting the several new dogs and your customizable robot at the end of Automatron. We will be including the newest addition to the companion list, Old Longfellow, courtesy of the new Far Harbor DLC. Buch which of these companions in Fallout 4 are the best? In this list we will be deciding which person/mutant/synth is worth the time taking out to the Common Wealth and which one we should leave back in Sanctuary. Basically, the best Fallout 4 companions within the game.

When making this list, we didn’t just base our choice off of personality alone, although that is a tangible factor. After all, nothing’s worse than wandering Fallout 4’s vast world with no one interesting to talk to or receive information from. We will also be considering your companions perks and combat prowess, as these can make or break certain builds for characters. Finally, this list will consider their story and if they offer us any personal quests to partake in. Obviously, everyone will have their preferred character to run with, but these are the Fallout 4 companions we just couldn’t leave home without.


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