How Well Do You Really Know Mass Effect? Try Our Quiz and Find Out

Come see how you do.

In Mass Effect 2, Shepard and crew come across a Collector autopsy in the ship. What Prothean colony did EDI say this Collector likely descended from? By the end of the trilogy, how many movies for Blasto, the zany multi-pistol-wielding hanar gunslinger with a dark past and a heart of platinum, have been made?Answer: D

True or false: According to Javik in Mass Effect 3, the Salarians, before they rose to galactic prominence, “used to eat flies.” Who is the only known Quarian in the trilogy to have a weapon named after them? Answer: C True or false: The Shadow Broker is a yahg, whose race met Council Surveyors in 2125 and massacred the entire group. Answer: True

In Mass Effect 2: Lair of the Shadow Broker, Shepard can come across a terminal with video footage. One of the videos is of Elias Kelham…Answer: B


True or false: The Drell have an eidetic memory and can relive nearly every memory except the moment of their birth.Answer: True


The facial model for the default male Shepard is named… Answer: A Should a human romance a Drell, such side effects can include…

Answer: B

In Mass Effect: Andromeda, you gain an ally named Jaal. His full name is Answer: C


True or false: In Turian culture, to have no markings on your face is a sign that you’re not to be trusted, or a politician. Answer: True Which of these is NOT a Geth world? Complete the lyrics to M4, Part 2 from the original Mass Effect: “I have wondered about you___” Complete this quote: “Had to be me The Hanar have a holiday called Nyahir, which celebrates speech and has speech competitions. What’s the prize for winning these competitions? Answer: A



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