Literally Just 15 Pictures of Rabbid Peach to Worship Her

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, e3 2017

Hashtag, no filter.

Literally Just 15 Pictures of Rabbid Peach to Worship Her

Ubisoft’s and Nintendo’s collaboration with the Rabbids and Mario franchise is now out in the wild for all Switch owners to enjoy. The TRPG (Tactical Role-Playing Game) turned out to be quite good considering people were quite skeptical on the idea of Rabbids and Mario characters in one game together. The development team over at Ubisoft has successfully created the most random team-up that we’ve seen in recent years and Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle is now one of the reasons for people to own a Nintendo Switch. Not only will you find Mario, Luigi, and Princess Peach in the game, but you will also see Rabbid versions of these famous Nintendo characters, and it’s one of the most comedic parts of the game. Rabbid Peach for example, loves to take selfies at any given moment and is obsessed with being the center of attention; have you seen her Instagram? Rabbid Peach takes the role of being a princess very seriously, so seriously that we thought it would be funny to take some screenshots of her best moments throughout Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle. Here are some of the funniest screenshots of Rabbid Princess Peach acting like a queen, a bully, and a celebrity.


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