Explore the Atmospheric Island of Dear Esther: Landmark Edition In These Screenshots

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It’s one beautiful world.

There are some games that release that you’d just love to be able to visit and explore. Dear Esther may well be one of those games, as it takes players to a tranquil but atmospheric island in the outer Hebrides.

While there’s no exciting attraction to see or special thing to do, the world is filled with eery landmarks, creepy writing on the walls, and on the less weird side of things, beautiful scenery.

Exploring the island in Dear Esther may not take too long, but being given the freedom to roam about it at our own leisure both in the night and day we’re sure it’d be full of mysteries and tales to tell.

While the game may not look as pretty as some may have expected with the game being ported over to the Xbox One and PS4, there are still some moments that really have to be seen and experienced for yourself. So without further ado, let’s take a look at some screenshots that perfectly encapsulate the atmosphere of Dear Esther. Now go ahead and tell us you don’t want to go and visit there. We know that you’re already booking your flights and packing your bags.

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