The Biggest Announcements of EA’s E3 Conference

Mass Effect: Andromeda

New looks at the biggest games!

Following the success of Unravel, EA announced a EA Originals, a program that’ll help small devs create original indie experiences, which could be huge for the company’s output over the coming years. For the full story, see here.

Mass Effect: Andromeda is quite possibly the most anticipated game at EA Play this year and a brand new behind the scenes look from Bioware gave us all a look into what the Andromeda galaxy has to offer. The trailer displayed some of the beautiful worlds to be discovered and new alien races to interact with. The game will be powered by the Frostbite engine which promises to give a whole new feel to the game. For the full story, see here.

It has been confirmed that Titanfall 2 will include a single-player mode that will explore the bond between human and titan. We were already pretty sure it would happen but today was the first time it was officially confirmed. For the full story, see here.

EA revealed a new trailer for Battlefield 1 that showcased the weather system and aerial combat, at their conference. The gameplay and action looks incredible and seems like a big step forward for the Battlefield series. For the trailer and full story, see here.

EA confirmed a brand-new mode that will come to FIFA 17 later this year. The mode, called The Journey, gives players the chance to control a character’s career both on and off the pitch. It seems unlike anything we have seen in a FIFA game before. For the trailer and full story, see here.

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