Top 10 Best Free Xbox One Backgrounds From 2017

sea of thieves xbox one background

Here are some great looking backgrounds to spruce up your system.

Destiny 2 Key Art

You’ll want to use this background on your Xbox One if you want your system looked after by guardians. Check it out here.

destiny 2 xbox one background

Dead Rising 4 – Frank West Zombie

If you want to frighten your grandparents when they’re over, you’ll want to download this Frank West Zombie background. Check it out here.

dead rising 4 xbox one background

Middle-Earth: Shadow of War – Drake

You may not be able to play Scalebound on your Xbox One anymore, but use can still get a dose of dragon on your system with this background. Check it out here.

shadow of war xbox one background

Sea of Thieves – Battle of the Three Storms

Get hyped up for Sea of Thieves with this buccaneers’ battle background. Check it out here.

sea of thieves xbox one background

Forza Motorsport 7 – True 4K Performance

Being one of the flagship Xbox One X titles, this background gives owners a preview of the stunning visuals that Forza Motorsport 7 has to offer. Check it out here.

forza motorsport 7 xbox one background

Forzo Motorsport 7 – Tracks Come Alive

If you want a background that focuses more on the cars, then this one has you covered. Just remember that those raindrops are part of the background, not smudges on your TV screen. Check it out here.

forza motorsport 7 xbox one background

Forza Horizon 3: Hot Wheels – Track

Now we come to this Hot Wheels background from the previous Forza game. Despite it being a less realistic driving experience, the visuals still look beautiful on this one. Check it out here.

forza horizon 3 hot wheels xbox one background

Super Lucky’s Tale Key Art

Feeling lucky? If not, maybe this background can bring a little bit more Lucky into your life. Check it out here.

super luckys tale xbox one background

State of Decay 2 Key Art

You definitely get the sense of the word “decay” from this background. It looks like the edge of the background itself is decomposing away. Check it out here.

state of decay 2 xbox one background

Ori and the Will of the Wisps Key Art

If you’re susceptible to catching feels, you may want to avoid this background. This background really gets across the pain of the mysterious creatures in the center. Check it out here.

ori and the will of the wisp xbox one background

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