20 Gorgeous No Man’s Sky Screenshots to Get You Through the Delay, Maybe

Time flies when you’re looking at screenshots.

Yes. No Man’s Sky is delayed. We’ll have to wait until August to see more of the mysterious space exploration title, but we can make it, right?

Right, totally.

Especially with the help of these No Man’s Sky screenshots. Twenty of them to help us all make it the extra couple of months. Just two more months of mystery.

Time flies when you’re looking at screenshots. At least, that’s what we’re going to attempt here. Can screenshots be calming? Yes. Has screenshot hypnosis ever been proven to work? No. But, with all of our medical experience, we’re going to try.

Take a run through these beautiful No Man’s  Sky screenshots, and let’s see if we can’t find our happy place in them. August isn’t so far off, and until then, we can stare at these together.

No Man’s Sky release August 2016 on PC and PlayStation 4. It’s a massive adventure survival game focused on travelling a procedurally generated universe with over 18 quintillion planets, each with awesome flora and fauna to discover. Players around the world will travel and discover, building an Atlas of the game’s universe together. Purchase starships, name planets, gather resources under the watchful eye of Sentinels, or just fly around forever.


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