SNES Classic Will Be Available (Again) at Toys R Us Starting Tomorrow the 27th

Good luck.

The SNES Classic is the one sought-after holiday gift that seems to be selling out at most retailers very quickly. But if you are still on the lookout for that perfect Christmas gift, then we have some good news that might make your searching a little bit easier. Toys R Us is scheduled to receive some more SNES Classic units, starting tomorrow on Nov. 27. The retailer will only be offering the miniature console in store locations only, so no online purchases unfortunately.

Toys R Us says that customers should arrive to the store a bit early if you want a chance to secure one of the limited systems. If you’re having trouble getting your hands on a Nintendo Switch, the retailer will also be receiving more shipments on Nov. 29. The Nintendo Switch has been fairly easy to obtain since it launched back in March of this year, but if for some reason, the console has been selling out near you, Toys R Us might be your best bet.


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