These Mass Effect Andromeda Glitches Would Have Made Great Features

Mass Effect: Andromeda is admittedly not the smoothest experience, but for every strange animation glitch or clipping body, there comes along a technical snafu just nutty enough to make us want more. These four glitches in particular would have made great permanent features, we’re pretty sure. Maybe.

Imagine a world where every alien you strike down breakdances their soul right into alien heaven. We lived in that world for one, sweet glitch, and we want it back.

Mass Effect Andromeda Breakdancing Corpse


We’re not saying every doorway aboard the Tempest should be a portal into the infinite void of space. But we’d like at least one to be.


The world would be a better place if more Kett decided to pack up their guns, call it a day, and peacefully walk home to their families.


This one’s simple. We just want to shoot evil aliens out of the air like some epic sci-fi version of Duck Hunt.


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