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Top 5 Best Gaming Ships For Valentine’s Day


Top 5 Best Gaming Ships For Valentine’s Day

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The Seaward (Uncharted 3)

Top 5 Best Gaming Ships For Valentine’s Day

Uncharted 3, the Seaward

This luxury cruise ship in Uncharted 3 has seen better days, seeing as how it was raided and captured by pirates. This vessel contains plenty of amenities, from the swimming pool on the deck down to its multi-story ballroom. At one point, Rameses’ pirates infiltrated the watercraft, presumably after an unpaid deal by the ship’s owner. Since then, the cruise liner had been in their hands and acted as their main headquarters, completely trashing it with cargo, metal sheets, and barbed wire.

During his search for Sully, Nathan Drake boarded the vessel and killed most of the pirates on the ship. He soon discovers that Rameses merely lured him there, however, so he decided to escape by sinking the ship. Using the cargo on board, he created an explosion that carved a large hole. That led to the flooding of the cruise liner, finally putting The Seaward to rest.

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