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7 Anime like Sword Art Online If You’re Looking for Something Similar


7 Anime like Sword Art Online If You’re Looking for Something Similar

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Log Horizon

Anime Like Sword Art Online If You’re Looking for Something Similar

Log Horizon probably has the most similarities with Sword Art Online in terms of its actual narrative. Even then, it’s still a viewing experience on its own and one that can’t be ignored or underestimated. A socially awkward college student by the name of Shiroe serves as the protagonist and, just like Kirito, he is an incredibly skilled MMORPG player. One day Shiroe and thirty thousand other Elder Tale players find themselves unable to log out of the popular MMORPG. One key difference in Log Horizon, however, is that when players die in the game they will actually respawn. Sword Art Online constantly hovers the fear of a death in the real world over the players’ heads. While most players are tossed into a frenzy when they can’t log out, Shiroe is quick to become curious and intrigued by his new environment. He sets out to explore and starts to live up to his reputation as one of the best strategists in the game.

As you can see, both anime deal with very similar narratives and themes. From students who are now trapped in a virtual MMORPG to a powerful protagonist who is fighting for the greater good of all the players in the same predicament, the foundation of these anime are quite similar. It’s the details and overall development that allows each of these anime to have their own unique identity though. Without spoiling the story, be prepared for Log Horizon to provide a new kind of perspective to the type of world that was on display in Sword Art Online.

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