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10 More PlayStation Classics That Deserve a Remake


10 More PlayStation Classics That Deserve a Remake

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Chrono Cross

PlayStation Classics That Should be Remade

Square has countless RPGs that they could bring back for a second time in the spotlight, but none are more deserving than Chrono Cross. The spiritual successor to Chrono Trigger, Chrono Cross focuses on the theme of parallel worlds. A young boy named Serge is faced with a world in which he’s died as a child, and endeavors to find out the truth about what’s happened. The existence of these parallel worlds becomes crucial to the game’s plot, and functions similarly to the different time periods in Chrono Trigger.

Chrono Cross released to critical acclaim for its complex story, fascinating characters, interesting battle system, and more. While the game still holds up today, a full HD remake would do wonders, especially for game with as vibrant an art style as Chrono Cross. It’s an absolute shame that we never saw another Chrono game, and remaking Chrono Cross would be a way to make up for that.

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