Veteran Monster Hunter Players Are Taking Newbies Under Their Wing

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Teamwork is great!

Monster Hunter: World is set to be released later this month and will be the first game in the series for some time to release on consoles, as more recent entries have tended to be on handheld devices like the 3DS. The series is known for being difficult and new players can easily feel overwhelmed by the steep learning curve and the hands-off approach the game takes.

Given that Monster Hunter: World will no doubt attract plenty of newcomers, veteran fans have decided to band together to help new players ease into the experience. As GameSpot reports, these fans have come together to create a site called Adopt-a-Hunter, which will see new players paired up with seasoned players who can explain the game’s intricacies and give tips and tricks when it comes to taking down monsters. The online feature of the game will also allow the two players to meet up in the game and hunt together.

No doubt many newcomers are eager to try out the new game, but this initiative will most assuredly encourage even more gamers and help those having a hard time enjoy the game a bit more. It could well aid Monster Hunter: World in getting more consistent players than it otherwise might have and broaden its appeal to mainstream audiences.

Monster Hunter: World is set to be released on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on January 26. A PC release will follow later this year.

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