10 Characters That Need to Be in the Next Killer Instinct

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T.J. Combo

Surrounded on the battlefield by werewolves, dinosaurs and enormous toads wearing sunglasses (hello Rash), T.J. Combo may seem to be out of his depth. But he just keeps on swinging, keeping the popular trope of ‘disgraced former boxer’ alive and well. Notably absent when the latest Killer Instinct debuted, they quickly righted that wrong in season 2, and we’re happy to say that in our perfect Killer Instinct sequel (tentatively titled ‘Killer Instinct 4: The Final Kerfuffle’), Combo makes the cut once more.

The surly old scrapper lived a life of excess in his prime, and he doesn’t quite move with the grace of some of the other fighters available, but as the wise Mike Tyson once said; ‘everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.’

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