PUBG 1.0 and Xbox Game Preview Program Release Date Announced Alongside New Trailer


Prepare for the chicken dinner!

PUBG is still in full swing as it approaches its upcoming release date. The Game Awards showed off some of the new things fans can expect in the coming updates. First off, they showed off a new trailer showcasing the new desert map, Miramar. The arena features a desolate wasteland with some interesting new gameplay tactics mixed into it.

That said, the PUBG PC version has finally gotten a date for its highly-anticipated 1.0 update. Fans can expect to play the upcoming build this Dec. 20 after long months of testing. Those who have been waiting for the console version will finally be able to play the game soon, so that’s something to look forward to. The Xbox One X Game Preview program, on the other hand, will be launching on Dec. 12. In line with this, they also revealed a short cinematic PUBG trailer for the Xbox One X version.

Those who want to play the battle royale shooter now can still get an Early Access copy on Steam.


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