The Nintendo Switch Was One of the Top 5 Best-Selling Products During November

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Seems like a lot of people may have gotten a Switch for the Holidays.

Here’s some more excellent news for Nintendo and their fans. According to Adobe Digital Insights, the Switch was one of the best-selling products during the month of November.

Although in America we associate November with shopping events like Black Friday and Cyber Monday, the Nintendo Switch wasn’t one of the consoles that buyers could pick up for a screaming deal. But despite that, the Switch was one of the top-selling products, period.

In fact, as early as Veteran’s Day, the Switch had the 4th top spot before sneaking up to 3rd on Thanksgiving Day.

Black Friday was a different story. The Nintendo Switch skyrocketed into first place on Nov. 24. Saturday, however, it was knocked down a couple of pegs due to the Xbox One X, but climbed back into first place during the Cyber Monday sales.

There is still about a month left before we can crown which console sold the most during the course of the year, but in terms of the long shopping weekend, the Switch reigned supreme. The new console held its own against the likes of Xbox, PlayStation, and other popular gadgets like the Amazon Echo and Chromecast.

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