You Can Get in on For Honor’s Dedicated Server Test This Week Even If You Don’t Own the Game

Jump in and give Ubisoft a hand.

For Honor players can look forward to trying out the game’s new dedicated servers this week on Dec. 14, as Ubisoft opens the gates to allow everyone to try them out, not just the folks who own the game. Ubisoft is looking to test the dedicated servers’ might (just like Mortal Combat) and see how they stand up under heavy load.

PvP players will only be able to play Duel, Dominion, and Tribute modes, but the open test that everyone can access will allow players to use any Heroes, even those in the DLC. You’ll be able to use them across 1v1 Duel mode, 4v4 Dominion, and 4v4 Tribute modes as well.

While you’re participating in the test you’ll of course progress, but any progression after the test concludes will be wiped from the servers. You can look forward to in-game rewards, however, based on what you were able to accomplish during the test. There will also be special goodies raffled off to players that will be given to current players after the event and awarded to those who decide to purchase the game after testing the servers.

You can get in on the action at 5 AM PST/2 PM ET on Dec. 14, and the test will run through Dec. 18. Just in time for you to get those holiday shopping runs ready and get home for some games of For Honor.


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