Dissidia Final Fantasy NT’s Jump Fiesta Trailer Goes In-Depth on the Story

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT, Jump Fiesta

A bigger battle is brewing.

Square Enix continues to dish out more Dissidia Final Fantasy NT trailers as the release date inches closer. This time, they launched its Jump Fiesta 2018 trailer a day ahead of the event, which is slated to run from Dec. 16-17 in Japan.

The Dissidia Final Fantasy NT clip shows off some of the story clips to come, featuring the champions of Materia and Spiritus clashing on the battlefield. It’s also interesting to see how the characters interact with each other, especially the new heroes. Square Enix also seems to be mixing things up by giving the heroes and villains a common enemy, hinting that they will inevitably join forces.

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT is the latest entry in the fighting spinoff series that brings together iconic characters from throughout the series. The latest installment features mechanics and characters from other games. Fans can play the game on the PS4 once it launches on Jan. 30, 2018. Check out the trailer below to learn more:


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