Destiny 2 Curse of Osiris: How to Start the Vex Crossroads Public Event

How to Start the Vex Crossroads Public Event in Destiny 2 Curse of Osiris

Destiny 2’s first big expansion is here with Curse of Osiris, giving players a ton of new activities, story content, and the ability to explore Mercury at long last. Curse of Osiris’ narrative centers around the powerful Warlock Osiris who was banished from The City, with the Vex also playing a central role in the plot. One of the big new additions in terms of gameplay is the public event “Vex Crossroads,” that has players taking part in a sprawling battle against the Vex on a dedicated portion of the Mercury map.

Vex Crossroads is pretty easy to start, and it functions much like any other public event in Destiny 2. This Curse of Osiris event will appear roughly every 10-15 minutes on Mercury, so all you need to do to start it is walk up to the noted area on your map and start shooting some Vex. Vex Crossroads will have you taking on Vex Hyrdas who work as gatekeepers, stealing their orbs, and then dropping them into the required number of warp gates. Of course, the big draw is the rewards, and for completing Vex Crossroads you’ll be given two public events chests, with random drops inside.

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