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Attack on Titan 2 Invades the West in 2018


Attack on Titan 2 Invades the West in 2018

It’ll be a colossal amount of fun. Get it?

Attack on Titan 2 will finally be lumbering to consoles in the west on March 20. If you’ve been looking forward to killing a series of Titans over and over in the upcoming sequel, your dreams should be coming true next year.

The game is even getting a couple of different editions: the standard version and the Japanese Treasure Box Edition, which will be up for grabs for 14,800 yen on both PlayStation 4 and Switch as well as 13,800 yen on PS Vita. It comes bursting with a copy of the game, a soundtrack, 8 character pins, a soundtrack, and two posters. It’s a pretty great time to be an Attack on Titan fan if you’re able to get your hands on that package.

There’s also a few different bonuses you can get with the Japanese purchase of the game:

  • Early Purchases – Early unlock for Eren and Levi’s “Informal Clothes”
  • Digital Version Pre-Orders – Early unlock for Krista and Ymir’s “Informal Clothes”
  • Gamecity Online Shopping and Purchases – Early unlock for Annie and Jean’s “Informal Clothes”
  • GEO Purchases – Early unlock for Mikasa and Armin’s “Informal Clothes”
  • Loppi and HMV Purchases – Download code for a “Lawson Excludive” costume for Levi

Lastly, you can check out the newest trailer showing off the great-looking gameplay footage. It’s nowhere near as good as the look Dragon Ball FighterZ has going on, but it’s certainly impressive.


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