World of Warcraft’s Next Expansion Pits the Alliance Against the Horde in a Battle for Azeroth

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Choose your allegiance.

Blizzard took some time to show off the next expansion for World of Warcraft during their opening ceremonies at Blizzcon, and the rivalry between the Alliance and Horde is about to get reignited. The expansion titled “Battle for Azeroth,” brings an all-out war between the two forces for control of the entire world. A big focus of the expansion will be dominating warfronts for your respective faction, meaning you allegiances will be tested more than ever before.

There’s also a host of new content coming, however, with two new continents to explore, Zandalar and Kul Tiras. At the same time there’ll be new raids and dungeons, a raised level cap to 120, and much more. A new islands system is being implemented into the game, where players can team up to explore for loot and take on unique challenges on the islands that can change every time. You can take a look at the full reveal trailer directly below.

In addition to announcing Battle for Azeroth and showing off a few features, Blizzard also revealed the full opening cinematic for the expansion, which as you might expect depicts a massive battle between the Alliance and the Horde. Watch the cinematic below.

There is currently no release date for World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth.


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