Vote for Your Favorite Kirby Form and It Could Be Added to Kirby: Battle Royale

Which Kirby will emerge victorious?

Which Kirby Copy Ability is your favorite? If you had to choose which one you enjoy the most out of all of them, which would be the one you’d want to see added to the upcoming Kirby: Battle Royale? There’s a current contest going on where users are being asked to vote for their favorite Kirby form, with the winner of the overall contest being added to the final game when it releases.

Last round’s winner was the Mirror ability, but there are currently 37 Kirby forms to choose from. You can vote for your favorite once per day up until Dec. 2, 2017. It might be a little difficult to try and figure out which one you like the best since there are so many different abilities out there, but try and pick one if you can.

Kirby: Battle Royale is currently scheduled for release on Nintendo 3DS in January 2018. The brawler has been available in Europe since Nov. 3 and is planned for release on Nov. 30 in Japan.


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