Kellogg’s Confirm Super Mario Breakfast Cereal That Doubles as an amiibo

Kellogg’s and Nintendo have partnered to launch a new Mario-themed breakfast cereal called Super Mario Cereal. Available in the US only, the mixed-berry flavor and “power-up mushrooms” aren’t its only novelty — each box doubles as a functioning amiibo for Super Mario Odyssey, too.

Although the product has not been officially unveiled by Nintendo, the U.K. Kellogg’s Twitter account confirmed the cereal is certainly real. In fact, it’s already made it onto store shelves and pictures of the box have surfaced online. You can check these out below:

super mario cereal

It would appear the box has a scannable code that you place against a Nintendo Switch Joy-Con or Pro Controller to activate what is described as “special content to power up your Super Mario Odyssey adventure”.

Notably, Nintendo and Kellogg’s have partnered on Nintendo-themed food previously, having released Mario Kart fruit-flavored snacks. The last time Mario had his own cereal, however, was way back in the 1980s, when Nintendo partnered with Ralston Cereals to release the Nintendo Cereal System.


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