South Park Phone Destroyer: How to Get and Upgrade Cards

South Park Phone Destroyer: How to Get and Upgrade Cards

South Park: Phone Destroyer is a real-time card battler featuring the cast of the animated series now available for iOS and Android devices. You are the New Kid, who just moved to town, and have the great power of always being on the phone. The gameplay revolves around creating a deck of character and ability cards to drag onto the field, or zap from your phone in-game, and fight your battles for you.

There are multiple ways to receive cards. Cards can be found in the free packs that refresh every four hours, the player versus player (PvP) packs that are earned after winning three multiplayer battles, and in lockers after completing a campaign mission. Cards can also be bought with coins at the Daily Shop, PvP bucks at the PvP shop, or buying premium packs with Cash, the real-money currency that can also be earned by completing achievements.

Cards can only be upgraded by having the right number of resources and coins. Resources, such as feathers or toy robots, can be found with the same methods as cards listed above. You can upgrade cards from either your Home Base or after completing a mission, if upgrade requirements are met.

Simply tap on a card and tap the orange “Upgrade” button to increase a specific stat. Once a card’s stats have been fully upgraded, it can be raised to the next level by collecting a certain amount of the same card alongside a coin cost. A leveled-up card receives more increased stats and raises the max upgrade limit for that card to upgrade it even more.

That is how to get and upgrade cards in South Park: Phone Destroyer. Be sure to check back with Twinfinite for more coverage on the game.

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