Sledgehammer Originally Wanted to Make Advanced Warfare 2 over Call of Duty: WWII

Call of Duty: WW2 Squad

The right game at the right time.

Call of Duty: WWII was released last week and has been very well received by both gamers and critics alike for its intense campaign and very fun online multiplayer. This is the first entry in a few years to ditch the futuristic setting and return to the franchise’s roots. However, it has been revealed that the game’s developer originally wanted to make a sequel to 2014’s Advanced Warfare 2.

Activision CEO, Eric Hirshberg, stated in an interview with Newsweek that “Sledgehammer wanted to make Advanced Warfare 2.” It’s unclear whether the developer was flat out denied this request or whether Sledgehammer changed it’s mind but Hirschberg went on to say “We knew they would become historians, that they would tackle it with authenticity, give it tremendous care, and we also knew they would capture the unspeakable scale of World War II.”

After three futuristic Call of Duty’s in a row, Hirschberg has described WWII as “the right game at the right time.” He described the previous installment, Infinite Warfare, as “the wrong game at the wrong moment,” following its underwhelming commercial success.

The launch of Call of Duty: WWII has been very positive and it looks like Sledgehammer made the right call in deciding to go back to the roots of the series.


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