Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon: How to Change Hairstyles

How to Change Hairstyles in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon bring players on a brand new adventure in the Alola region. Catch and raise different Pokemon while traveling to different islands and taking up certain challenges. That said, who says you have to stick to only one look throughout your adventure? Aside from all the different types of clothes in the game, you can also mix up your hairstyles.

To change hairstyles in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, head over to one of the major towns in the game. You will find a salon in the area which has a scissors sign on the outside. The first salon you’ll encounter is in Hau’Oli City, so be sure to seek it out if you’re feeling a change in hairstyles.

Take note that you will have to shell out 5000 Poke Dollars if you want a haircut and a color change. The standard haircut is only 4000 while dying your hair is 2000. That said, you won’t be able to see how the changes look beforehand, so make sure you save your game beforehand. That way, you can always reset the game if you don’t like how the style turns out.

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