Pokemon Go Players Catch 3 Billion Pokemon in 1 Week, Farfetch’d Unlocked Globally


Catch Farfetch’d and his leek.

No. Pokemon GO isn’t dead. Just recently, Pokemon GO players all over the world were able to catch total of six billion Pokemon in six days, thus completing Niantic’s Global Catch Challenge and unlocking a few region exclusive Pokemon.

As announced by Niantic on Twitter, two region exclusive Pokemon will spawn in several regions for 48 hours. Asia-exclusive Farfetch’d will now spawn worldwide while Australia-exclusive Kangaskhan will be available to catch for everyone in East Asia. With this, players will no longer have to leave the confines of their country to catch a region exclusive Pokemon. Aside from the two Pokemon, all players will also receive double XP, six hours of incense, and double Stardust.

The Pokemon GO Global Catch Challenge tasked players to catch 3 billion Pokemon from November 20 to November 26. A total of three tiers each with varying rewards incentivized players to participate in the challenge. The first milestone, 500 million Pokemon caught, rewarded players with double XP and a six hour incense. The second milestone, which tasked everyone to catch 1.5 billion Pokemon, had all of the first tier’s rewards with the addition of a double Stardust. Aside from rewarding players, these bonuses also accelerated the push for the community to reach the three billion mark.

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