Overwatch Team Discusses How They Are Improving the Esports Experience


Get ready.

Overwatch was released last year by Blizzard and has since become one of the most popular games around. The frantic first-person hero shooter has been a massive hit with gamers for its adrenaline inducing gameplay and colorful cast of characters.

Overwatch has since become popular in the esports circles and Blizzard has released a video detailing how it intends to improve upon the experience. If you’re pumped for the Overwatch World Cup that will be hosted this weekend at BlizzCon, then you’ll want to check this out.

The video shows off the development of team uniforms with distinct colours that will help players instantly differentiate friend from foe. We also get to see a top down interactive map, the option to replay kill feeds, plus plenty more. BlizzCon will be hosted this weekend from Nov. 3-4.


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